F*ck the Scale

***So last week I stepped on the scale for the first time in about 3 months… the result? Some anger, sadness and anxiety followed by feelings of pride, clarity and acceptance.***

Story time.


Tomato SAUCE

***Give a girl the 3 most important elements to a good Italian tomato sauce and she’ll take over the world.***



Worst Part About Food Allergies

***So, “what’s the worst part about having a food allergy,” you ask? I wish the answer was simple but it’s not. There’s not one universal “worst part” and the response is different for everyone.***

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Sustainable Gift Guide

***For work, I wrote this sustainable gift guide that features some awesome up-cycled and recycled products.***

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Daily Harvest Review (Nut-Free Cups)

***Prior to ordering my first Daily Harvest box, I had heard nothing but amazing things about the brand. For a while, I was hesitant to order because I was under the assumption that the Daily Harvest products contained nuts or at least had a high risk for cross contamination. I started doing more research and found that Daily Harvest offers PLENTY of delicious, nut free options. Since ordering, I’ve also learned that all of their nut free cups are produced on separate equipment, which is a MAJOR WIN.***


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***Self-love is not all bath bombs, face masks, and matcha lattes. Self-love is knowing you can do better. It’s listening to what your body needs. It’s standing up for what you believe in. It’s knowing your value and when to put your foot down. It’s NOT backsliding. It’s holding yourself accountable to let that shit go and move forward into the future.***


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She's Not Sorry Collaboration

***I’ve always been someone who cares too much. Especially in romantic relationships, but also with family, friends, and coworkers. I feel remorse every time I have to turn down an invitation. I constantly think people are mad at me. So, I apologize at every opportunity. I place others’ needs and happiness before my own. I put my whole heart into everything. It doesn’t feel right to hold back my emotions or push people away.***


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***Deep Breath. I've been wanting to get these words off my chest for quite some time now, but I was scared to say them. Writing down feelings in a journal is different than sharing those feelings with the entire world. This is an honest story, about the things I struggle with and the progress I've made. I'm proud of myself for writing this, and I hope that my words inspire others to share their stories, overcome the challenges they face daily and start the conversations that are hard but IMPORTANT to have.***


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***6 months later after drafting this blog post and I finally feel ready to share it with you all! NFM is growing after connecting with so many beautiful people in the blogger community. My story is being heard and it's SUCH an empowering feeling! I get so excited every time someone reaches out to me about one of my recipes or feedback on products I have used. I'm so excited to continue this journey, thanks for listening!***


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