About ME{G}

Welcome to nut_free_meg!

I'm a 23 year old living at home in Staten Island but gallivanting around NYC and Brooklyn whenever I get the chance.  

I was inspired to start this blog after a date where the hunt for dessert led to a late night hospital visit. You see... I have a severe tree nut allergy (anaphylaxis) not to mention I was unprepared for this situation (AKA, forgot my EpiPen). 

I wanted to create this blog and fill it with healthy vegetarian recipes that incorporate GF and DF ingredients that are tree nut free. I also wanted to share some of my favorite places to eat out in NYC sans anxiety from cross contamination. 

Now for some fun facts-

1. Allergic to all tree nuts, but NOT allergic to peanuts... weird I know.

2. Favorite color = pink

3. Used to play soccer in college, now enjoys power walking and "vigorous" stretching, sometimes yoga.

4. I have a cat that I rescued although I'm very much a dog person. 

5. I'm under 5 ft (4'11" and 3/4") but you know what they say, "big things come in small packages."