Favorite Workouts in NYC


Favorite Workouts in NYC

No one:

Literally no one:

Not a single damn soul:


All joking aside my offers to share more about my workout routine have been well recieved by many of you. With that said, I give you my guide to my favorite workouts in NYC!

Y7 Studio

The breakdown: 60 minute vinyasa style flow in a infared heated studio (80-90 degrees). 3 flows, 3 times each. First time through, slow alignment based, second time through breath-to-movement and final is “flow on your own” - usually I just do the same flow and add some of my favorite poses (working up to eagle or birds of paradise).

Favorite location(s): Williamsburg, Union Square (disclaimer no showers) and East Village.

Cons: The only real thing that bothers me about some locations is space, or lack thereof and SHOWERS. Some studios don’t have showers… some have a sign up list, but people cut the line anyway and some studios are first come, first serve.

Hip hop HOT yoga… need I say more?! This studio will always have a special place in my heart and is the closest I’ve ever felt to being a part of a really awesome cult. There are many teachers I love (@peterlyonsyoga @katesortino) and a few I’m able to call friends shoutout Bee Creel (@beeyourhealth). These classes have helped me through some really hard times read: bawling on my mat in savasana.

GRIT Boxing

The breakdown: 50 minute workout with rotating stations, tredmill, boxing and floor (strength training). I prefer starting on the floor with the weights. 9 rounds total - 2 rounds in each station before rotating and the last 3 rounds are “lightning style”, so you hit each station one more time to really empty your tank. Think max reps, punches and incline sprinting woo! Obviously all of the exercises CAN be modified but don’t take this class if you’re looking to slack off. Now here’s the best part… post-class you are met with cold spa towels and SHOTS. Yes, you heard me correctly SHOTS, sweaty margarita, moscow mule with electrolytes, SHOTS. Oh, did I forget to mention the GRIT studio comes fully equipped with a FULL BAR.

Favorite location(s): There’s only one so far near Union Square with plans to launch soon in LA, SF and Miami.

Cons: Again, its a space complaint. Since GRIT just launched the classes have been filling up super fast leading to a full class schedule and an even fuller lobby. Especially with people hanging around at the bar after they take class. The vibe is definitely very club like as well but a MUCH classier club aesthetic, not where everyone is black out and spilling their drinks all over you.

IMO GRIT differentiates itself from the other boutique fitness studios by truly cultivating a family vibe. The trainers come and chat at the bar after class and the co-founder Ediva (@shes.got.grit) and her pup Gritty are always present and smiling. Though the studio is DEFINITELY filled with people who are hella pretty to look at, everyone is super friendly and inclusive. It’s also just a crazy good workout, lots of sweat and when you’re inside that room you truly feel like you can conquer the world.


The breakdown: 45 minute cycle with a song or 2 devoted to some arm workouts with weights. It’s a music video ride with uncensored bad a$$ content! Seating is first come first serve, no assigned bikes. You will need cycling shoes which are available to rent for $2. Check the schedule for theme classes and keep in mind different teachers have different music styles so be sure to do your homework and check out the instructor page before choosing a class.

Favorite location(s): There are only (2??) that I know of, but I prefered the Limelight studio location in Chelsea. It’s a converted old church which is really cool.

Cons: If you’re expecting a zen experience, which I don’t think anyone who attends a cycle class is, don’t sign up for MNSTR. It’s definitely intese, not scary but you’re expected to rage a little. Definitely pick a theme or instructor that will suit your music tastes.

I don’t spin very often and disclaimer I’ve only taken 2 MNSTR cycle classes in my life. The allure about this studio was mostly surrounding my lovely friend Lindsey Gaterman (@citygater) who is now a cycling instructor at Equinox. The best part about this class is that they play music videos while you ride!

Team Sports! (NYC Social, Soccer Collective etc.)

The breakdown: Usually seasonal leagues (summer, spring, fall, winter) that play once a week. Weekday games typically start between 6-10pm, while weekend games could start anytime between 12-6pm. There are gendered and coed teams, I prefer coed. Some leagues are more social then others, aka some are beer leagues and some aren’t - I think it depends on the skill level or the sport chosen.

Favorite location(s): Nike Field holds my heart but people also play near Chelsea Piers, East River, Pier 40 etc.

Cons: The balance between skill level and socialization. For example, I love that my team is more competitive because it’s more fun for someone like me who played soccer in college. I do wish we hung out together more after the games, which is arguably tough

If you’re looking to make some new friends I would definitely suggest joining a team sport! The leagues have varying experience levels, although I can only really speak to my league (NYC Soccer Collective) which is pretty competitive with a higher skill level. I’ve heard great things about NYC Social, a perfect option for someone who may have played sports in high school and college and is looking to play again! Meetup also posts games that you can sign up for as well, for example soccer in McCarren Park. Again, I’m clearly biased to SOCCER here but there are PLENTY of other options to choose from.

There you have it. I definitely haven’t tried all NYC has to offer in the world of boutique fitness classes but these are a few of my favorites at the moment! Let me know if you like this type of #content and I will try to keep you all updated on the classes I do try!