As mentioned on the landing page, I'm fairly confident this is my favorite playlist so far. Drawing inspiration from -

  1. The WeWork bathroom (Wasted), 
  2. MØ Cashmere Cat concert (Miss You, Don't Leave, Wolves)
  3. Morning/evening commutes spent scrolling my favorite artists on Spotify for new music (Tritonal, Mike Stud, Russ, Zedd)
  4. Some dope friends with A+ music suggestions *throwback jams included* (all Weezer, Bonafied Lovin, Still Think Bout U, Kiss the Sky and Stranger)
  5. Some of my favorite oldies but still goodies from my music archives (Don't Tell Me You Love Me, push pull, Back To You, Tumblr Girls, Doo Doo)

Seriously I'm obsessed, so here's to hoping you enjoy just as much as I do!