Where my girls at?! You're going to want to hit the repeat button on tracks like Good Together, Smoke Filled Room (shout out to my BFF Elaina because this is one of our favorite songs) and Worst In Me.

Lots of rap on here, I'm sure you will recognize XO TOUR Llif3, Swang, Biking and Wanted You. Some you might not know yet (?) - Hard Way, That Far, Alone/EA6, That's A Lot, Scrape and Whole Lotta Money (these last two plus In My Head are from the same Party Favor album which is one of my favorite EPs of all time).

The chillest tracks on this list would be Outside, Gravity, and Paradise Lost. For a harder drop, look no further than In My Head, Emotional and Youth by my FAVORITE DJ EVER Adventure Club.

As always, I'll be adding songs throughout January, so follow along to ensure you have the most up to date playlist! Feel free to comment and let me know what you like and dislike.