Tomato SAUCE

I truthfully can’t tell if my Italian American fam will be incredibly disappointed or impressed by this life hack I’m about to share with you all…

As you all know because I don’t shut up about it - I’ve moved to Brooklyn cue the applause. My rent, although pretty affordable, has got me balling on a budget aka thrifting all of my clothing and searching for all the cheap bottomless brunch dealz. It has also allowed me to get more creative in the kitchen making leftovers last FA DAYS and leading to recipes like the one I’m about to share.


If you peep my Daily Harvest review blog you’ll see me mention that I usually add more to my cups to make them a little more filling or last longer. Fast forward to last night, I luckily came home to a box from Daily Harvest and didn’t have to go grocery shopping.

(MAJOR KEY FYI you can get 3 free cups on your order with the code: nutfreemeg - sorry I had to plug).

After much deliberation, I decided to choose the Lentil + Tomato Bolognese Harvest Bowl, which is definitely one of my favs but I also knew I had an eggplant in the fridge that was going bad so yeah.

I began to panic because I knew I didn’t have any of my Mom’s marinara sauce frozen in the fridge and I knew I needed more SAUCE because I was definitely going to want seconds and maybe even thirds of this veggie bolognese situation. In the fridge however, was an open (jar? can?) of marinara sauce, which my roommate Hannah was kind enough to let me steal. But being the Italian American snob I am I was concerned this was NOT going to taste great and therefore dinner would be a total let down and I’d have to cry myself to sleep AGAIN that night… Lucikly, I pulled myself together and remembered 3 very important staples to a good Italian marinara - RED WINE (which I had already started drinking), onion and garlic.

OKURRRRRRRR so, first I put a medium pot over medium heat and added lots of olive oil. Then, I browned the onion and garlic in said oil until it becomes AROMATIC. NEXT, I added a splash of red wine, cabernet sauvignon to be exact. This step is very important, just a SPLASH because you don’t want to waste the wine you’re drinking. Lastly, add your cheap AF sauce and lots of garlic salt. Obviously, I also added the eggplant that was going bad and my Lentil + Tomato Bolognese Harvest Bowl.

VOILA! Mom, Grandpa, I’m sorry but I hope you’re proud of me, my dinner turned out pretty damn guuuuuuuuuuud.

Until next time,